Tuesday, December 23, 2008


As time passes by
I start to think back about what we did together

How we share our laughters together
Secrets that we kept between both of us
Gossips that we talked about
It was such fun

Till one day, everything went wrong
Time stopped for a moment
All the memories would be flushed just by a second
All of the memories that were kept cannot be fulfilled anymore

Your voice was never to be heard
The laughs we share slowly fades away
The sight of your eyes were never to be seen

I have this feel of awkwardness
You were always there for me
And now we are so far apart from two different worlds

Your memories will always be in my heart
Lets take a picture of this
And keep it forever

To My Dearest Friend,
Why Italy?


Keanorlinsya said...


hanna beth said...

Rome sucks without you.

Hey, I call/text you as soon as I tau I boleh balik awal or not okay? Babi, nangis teruk baca post ni tau tak -_-

AAAAA, take care. Rindu! :(

mhz said...

fakyu emonoten ni ha.

Anonymous said...

sabar la, nanti aku balik la... match juve ngan milan next week kene tgk. ko nak jersey nanti aku bawak satu..

a c i p said...

aku bkn apa ash aku gi kejup je. nanti aku balik eh

wan-ohh-wan said...

semua mengaku pegi italy susah la kan.
nak yeye sangat pon tak boleh jugak!

a s h said...

lucu banget deh! :D

kanchik said...

sayang betul kau kat aku an ash, tak sangka do hahahaha

Muhammad Abdul Muhaimin said...

syida! put me up on ur list kotek!;p

♥ Lyssa Brody said...

fyi, i miss you